Keeping sugar consumption to a minimum is important when it comes to building a healthy body.  Excess sugar can lead to many health concerns such as suppressing the immune system, disrupting energy levels and upsetting the natural satiety levels leading to hunger and as a result, weight gain and difficulties losing and maintain weight.Why Fruit Juice Can Do More Harm Than Good

All forms of sugar, even those found in fruit, need to be considered. You may not know it, but  freshly squeezed juices could be playing havoc on you body. Fruit does provide you with vitamins, and I am not saying to exclude it from your diet,  just watch your consumption. Fruit contains fructose and too much fructose can lead to the above health concerns. When fruit is juiced it becomes concentrated and is very high in fructose. Because only the juice is consumed, the fibre is left out which speeds the digestion of fructose and can lead to energy lows. Just one small glass of juice has 25-30 grams of sugar, this is the same amount as a can of soft drink!

If you would like a fruit drink, make a smoothie instead by blending fruit with milk, coconut milk or coconut water, throw in some spinach for extra nutrients. I have a recipe here for a berry smoothie or here for a dairy free option. Using the whole fruit means you are getting the fibre and the nutrients found in the skin of the fruit. You are also using less fruit and therefore, the fructose intake will be lower.

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3 Responses

  1. lynn says:

    Wow! I do know is better to eat you fruits than juice them without know the health havocs but now I do. Tnx Aj

  2. Sarah says:

    I just juiced a glass of orange juice 😮 won’t be doing that again any time soon..

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