If you choose to eat grains I advise that you choose a sourdough bread made from ancient grains such spelt or kamut. Sourdough bread is fermented and has several advantages over yeasted breads. Yeasted breads are raised very quickly. Due to the long fermentation of sourdough bread, the bran in the flour is broken down, releasing nutrients into the dough. Phytic acid, which is in grain, needs to be 90% neutralised in order for the minerals, to be absorbed by the human body. In quickly risen bread, the phytic acid is not broken down. The intestine is weakened and the absorption of minerals such as calcium, magnesium, copper, iron and zinc are blocked. This can be a cause of mineral deficiencies and low bone density.

The fermentation process of sourdough bread helps complex carbohydrates break down into more digestible simple sugars and protein is broken down into amino acids. It aids the digestion of all complex carbohydrate foods including other grains, beans, and vegetables. It helps with the functioning of the digestive tract, resulting in proper assimilation and elimination. Sourdough bread has a glycemic index of 68 whilst other quickly risen breads have an index of 100. A lower glycemic index helps blood glucose levels to remain stable, helping to prevent against various diseases especially diabetes.

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6 Responses

  1. I’ve always liked sourdough bread… now I’ve got reason to enjoy it 🙂

  2. this is really great info, I’ve always loved sourdough and am just getting into rye, but didn’t know exactly what health benefits is has. The trick is making our own now 🙂 Thanks!

  3. Blazin says:

    Just wondering if the Authentic Rye Sourdough Roll or the White Spelt Block Loaf from Bakers Delight are good choices? both have the ingredients listed on their website, however im not sure if they are good choices.

  4. Blazin says:

    or the Cape Seed Loaf?

    • Amanda says:

      Bakers delight ferment their sourdough breads through the correct fermentation process so they are a good choice. White spelt flour has had the bran and germ removed, in this process selenium, potassium, magnesium and fibre are removed making it less nutrient dense. Stick to the rye or wholegrain spelt. If the cape seed is made with wholegrain flour then that is also fine.

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