I am a tea lover, I usually have three cups a day and each one is a different flavour. I love chai, cinnamon chai is a favourite and I just found a creme brûlée chai which is to die for! I also like ‘Feminini Tea’. This is a tea made for women and is said to help balance your hormones. It contains cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, black pepper, redbush leaves, apple, fennel, chamomile, orange peel, juniper berries, silver weed and lady’s mantle. All of these flavours make the tea really sweet, great for a pick me up in the afternoon. Chai Tea Latte

I prefer to avoid caffeine as I am still breastfeeding so I like to keep it to a minimum. The only caffeine I have is from the 85% dark chocolate I treat myself to. When I choose my tea I choose ones made with herbs and fruits. I love rooibos tea, a broom-like member of the legume family grown in South American.  You can quite easily find chai tea, and other flavours of tea, made with rooibos instead of black tea. I find that this has a much smoother flavour than the caffeinated black and green tea.

Try experimenting with your own flavours. I use rooibos as a base and then add flavours, such as, cardamom, cloves, cinnamon bark and dried fruits and flowers. Vanilla rooibos is divine, just add some vanilla powder to the plain rooibos tea leaves.

I like drinking tea as a latte, this makes it really creamy. Just half a cup of milk is enough (organic full fat from grass-fed cows of course), I use a milk frother so that you get the foam on top, sprinkle with some cinnamon and you have yourself a naturally sweetened healthy drink!

To avoid chemical consumption, buy organic ingredients as much as you can. Watch out for tea that has been sweetened or has artificial flavours. An already sweetened tea is usually quite high in sugar. If you’d like a little sweetness add a teaspoon of your own honey. If you are ordering a chai latte when dining out, be sure to ask if is made with tea leaves, powder and syrup form is often overly sweet, containing high amounts of sugar which you want to steer clear of. Stick to the tea leaves and ask for the honey on the side if you want to add just a small amount of sweetness. Cinnamon is naturally sweet and I find that you don’t need to add sweetener if you sprinkle some on top, vanilla powder (with no sugar added) is also nice!Chai Tea

Buy yourself a nice teapot and a good mug, tea seems to be enjoyed more out of a favourite mug.


Happy drinking!

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