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I recommend whole and traditional foods to all of my clients. I do not believe in diets or cutting out food groups but in enjoying the foods we love and knowing that they are nourishing our bodies and satisfying our taste buds! I do not provide quick fixes, rather incorporating foods that you will eat for the rest of your life! 

In combination with regular exercise, I can help your achieve whatever results you’re after! 

AJ Lifestyle Nutrition Plan and ebook

AJ Lifestyle Nutrition Plan and ebook

For $59 AJ will design you a personalised nutrition plan based on whole foods with a weekly eating guide designed specifically for you! This plan includes exercise advice and general nutrition guidance! It’s a complete lifestyle changing plan for ONLY $59

Sample Nutrition Plan Day

Sample Nutrition Plan Table of Contents

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This plan includes information written by AJ on which foods to include and which foods to avoid and the effect these foods have on your body. AJ will calculate your daily caloric needs (BMR) and take your exercise and daily energy expenditure into account to work out how much energy from food you require a day to achieve your desired results. AJ will also design you a weekly eating guide designed specifically for your needs with the nutritional content and calories of the meals/snacks listed. You will get a seven-day plan for rest days and a seven-day plan for exercise days (as your nutritional needs will vary). The recipes of all the meals/snacks listed in your plan will be on the ‘Healthy Recipes‘ section of the website so you will know exactly how to prepare your food. Finally, AJ will give you guidance on your exercise routine and recommend any changes if required.

After paying for the plan, you will be directed to a questionnaire which will give AJ the information she needs to design your personal plan! Example Questionnaire Form


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