My husband, myself and my sister-in-law minutes before the run.

For the last few weeks my husband and I have been visiting his family in Ontario, Canada. We spent a couple of weeks at their family cottage in Muskoka followed by a few weeks at his family home in Dundas. It has been lovely spending time with his family, we were living in Australia and then began travelling other parts of Canada so we don’t see them on a regular basis. Jesse’s sister Sarah is a runner and asked us if we would like to join her on the Colours of Hope run for cancer which was taking place in two weeks. I am not a fan of running in fact, a while back I used to run and I hated it. I had to drag myself out of the house every time and couldn’t wait for it to be over. But I thought, this would be a nice thing for us to do together, it was only 5km and it was for a good cause so I said yes.

The plan was to run three times each week in preparation for the day….but this didn’t happen. I have a regular yoga practice and my husband and I had joined the local yoga studio during our stay. We wanted to do a two week challenge- that we’d attend class everyday. So as it turned out, with yoga, spending time with the family, looking after my fifteen month old son and getting some work done, the running just didn’t happen. Now I know that these are all excuses, if you want to do something you just get it done. I am a big believer that you can have and do whatever you wish but you are the only one who can make it happen. I think that my hatred of running made it very easy for me to put the run off to the next day and then the next, or maybe tomorrow. Before I knew it it was the night before the run and I had only managed to train one day out of two weeks…yikes! I thought to myself there is no way that I can do this run tomorrow. We were going out that night to see Rascall Flatts perform so on top of the non existant training, I was also going to have a late night. Things were not looking good.
Upon waking the next morning I just knew- today I am going to do this run today, whether I like it or not. You see I like to have integrity in everything that I do, if I don’t then nothing else in my life works. So I got myself out of bed, made a hearty breakfast- two eggs fried in coconut oil with kale, broccoli and onions and leftover sweet potatoes from dinner the night before. I put on my running duds, made sure Jasper was fed and happy to stay with Grandma and the three of us head out the door. We arrived to the venue with about fifteen minutes to spare, went up and got our shirts and number and made our way to the start. There were instructions for the line up of the beginning of the race- people who want to run go first, the run/walkers go second and the walkers begin last. We all looked at each other and said ‘let’s go first’ if we fall behind then so be it. The starting gun fired and off we went, the next thing that happened amazed me! I started with a steady slow pace, just so that I kept enough fuel in the tank for the whole 5km’s. I was wondering when would be the point of hatred, when was I going to loath being on this run?….but it never came. To my surprise, I actually thoroughly enjoyed the run, I could now say that I really like running. It doesn’t come close to my love of yoga but I really did like it and I can see running being apart of my exercise regime now. How shocking! Here’s the funny thing, I finished in the top fifteen (I am still chuckling as I write this). I found my zone and just kept on keeping on, there wasn’t even a point where I thought ‘when will this end?’. I ran and ran and ran whilst enjoying the pretty country side, got coloured cornstarch thrown on me a dozen times (it was the colours of hope run after all) and soon enough it came to an end. ‘Oh’, I said to myself I did pretty well and I loved it!

Post Run

Post run- feeling colourful!

Here is my history with running. A few years ago running was my choice of exercise but I had it all wrong. I used to view exercise only as a way to get fit and stay slim- you know, to not get fat. I would go for a run so that I could have a piece of cake (or 2 or 3) that night. I don’t live that way anymore. I eat consciously, I no longer exercise so that I stay slim, or so that I can eat a sugar filled treat (thankfully my sugar loving days are in the past) that didn’t work anyway, no matter how much you exercise, if you don’t eat real food, you won’t lose weight. So now when I think about running I visioned it back in those days, when I was living unconsciously, these were not fond memories no wonder I hated it so much. Flash forward and here I am in shock that I have completed a run, with a big smile on my face.
This experience reminded me how important it is to choose an exercise that you love and to do it for the right reasons- that is because it is good for your health and for your heart. With passion comes enjoyment, have an open mind, find your passion and you will never look back.

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