Living a healthy lifestyle is not only about exercise and eating well, your thoughts and feelings about yourself are as much love your bodyof importance. In this blog I am going to open up about the journey I took myself on to be at peace with my body and how I was able to be 100% happy with it!

Have you ever found that no matter how much you exercise and eat well, you’re still not happy with your body. Those arms are still not trim enough, that belly not flat enough or that gap between your thighs is still not big enough, sometimes even when you do lose weight, you’re still not happy with your body. I sure have had these kind of thoughts in the past, and they still come up every so often, but I know how to push them aside. What really helped me to be at peace with my body was to stop comparing! I found myself comparing my body to others, it was not only draining for me but also for my husband. He didn’t want to listen to me ask him ‘Am I as toned as her’ whilst we were watching a movie, not only did it disrupt the movie, it was down right annoying. My insecurities were not appealing, what so ever. What do you think is sexier, having the confidence to love your body and accept every aspect of it, or constantly having to be reassured that you are in fact slim and you do look great? Having confidence wins hands down!

So not only were my insecurities unflattering, the constant judgement on myself was down right tiring and not only that, it was getting in the way of living my life. During a yoga class instead of working on my alignment during the pose, I would find myself looking at the bumps on my thighs. And what’s crazy is those bumps were there because I was bending at the hip which caused my skin to crease, the bumps are from my muscles, muscles that became toned with all the yoga I had done, it’s quite hilarious really. That’s when I realised how ridiculous I was being, these thoughts had to stop before they took over my life.

I made the choice to STOP….stop the comparing, stop the need for reassurance and stop the judgement! I am lucky enough to have found a form of exercise that I love and I do it because of that way it makes me feel not because it will stop me from getting fat (that was another thing that I got over  a couple of years ago, you must find an exercise that you enjoy not one that you drag yourself through just so you can eat that cake later, it doesn’t work that way). I made an exchange with my thoughts. The comparing switched to realising that we are all different and our body is beautiful, even if it doesn’t look like Miranda Kerr’s. My husband was pleased that he wasn’t being bugged by silly questions anymore, that reassurance was no longer needed as I was happy with my body and no longer felt the need to check with him anymore (remember much sexier for your husband 😉 When the judgement stopped I was able to use that time on things that were important to me in my life, like being able to meditate through the entire yoga class. I also found that I enjoy my meals much more and I make smart choices with what I eat. When you respect your body, you fill it with healthy foods and avoid ones that will harm it!

I love my body and I embrace it. The negative thoughts won’t go away forever and I still have to push them aside at times, but it is much less frequent now. Being at peace with my body not only gave me confidence on the outside, it also allowed me to stress less and this contributes the overall health of my body!

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