Jasper's First Chocolate

Jasper enjoying his very first chocolate from my ‘Chocolate Frosted Banana Muffins’

Since having Jasper my world hasn’t been the same. This tiny human has been a blessing to my husband and I. We have entered the next journey of our lives together, one as parents, and what an amazing world we now live in. I would never have imagined how much life can change in just one year, from his birth to this day he has changed SO much. I was told by many that ‘they grow so fast’ so I made sure to take in every single moment, even the rough ones, so that I would not miss a single precious memory. It is hard to believe that just one year ago Jasper was a tiny newborn. Now he engages with us, shares smiles, laughs and wonderful cuddles and walks around pointing, already telling us what to do. I am blown away by the amount of love My Baby's First Birthday I hJasper's First Birthday ave for this little guy, he makes me smile from ear to ear, makes me laugh out loud, and cry out loud too. There is nothing that I would not do for him, for he is my most cherished person on this planet. What’s more is the relationship with my husband has changed, I love him even more than the day I married him, now not only are we best friends but we are also partners as together we raise our son.

We celebrated Jasper’s first birthday party with lunch in the park on a beautiful sunny day. My husbands family made the trip to Vancouver to celebrate the special day. I missed my family who were back home in Australia, but look forward to many birthday celebrations when we move back home next year.

As you all know, I love to cook, I prepared all of the food from scratch (except for the crackers, I didn’t get around to making these) and enjoyed every minute of it. Three days before I made the chocolate slice, this could keep in the fridge for over a week. Two days before I made the hummus and apricot sauce. The sauce was served with the meatballs which I prepared the day before and cooked the day of his party. I marinated the beef ribs two nights before, cooked them the day before and then reheated them on the day. I made a vegetable slice the day before and also re-heated this on the day. I cooked the squash and sweet potato for the salad the day before and assembled it on the day, adding goat feta, spinach and pumpkin seeds and quickly made up a dressing too. The fancy guacamole dip took about 10 minutes to prepare so I made this on the day and served it along side the hummus with some carrot and celery sticks and crackers. For sweets, along with the chocolate slice, I also made some chocolate butter cream frosted banana muffins (which I made fresh on the day). His birthday cake was a strawberry cheesecake with a hazelnut and coconut base, I made this the day before just adding the toppings right before singing happy birthday. (More recipes to come!)

Jasper's First Birthday Lunch

Days of preparation paid off with a delicious lunch!

Jasper’s actual birthday fell during the week so my husband and I shared this special day with him. Jasper loves animals, so we took him to Maplewood Farm. He was very excited to meet all of the animals and it was a delight to see his happy face, smiling ear to ear as he stumbled around the farmyard grounds from one animal to the next with a tractor ride in between.

Jasper's First Tractor Ride

My Little Farmer!

Occasions such as birthdays are ever so special but they don’t come around very often. It is important to make every moment together a special one as soon my baby will be all grown up. I want to cherish the days with my tiny wee one, making sure not to miss a thing.

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