How To Enjoy Chocolate The Healthy Way

The majority of us love chocolate, I know I do! But isn’t chocolate bad you say? There is a way chocthat you can have your chocolate and still maintain a healthy way of eating.

Yes it’s about moderation, but also about making smart choices in the quality of chocolate that you choose to buy. Real chocolate contains a high amount of cocoa. When there is a higher amount of cocoa, there is less sugar. Not everyone is a dark chocolate fan, I most certainly have not always been, but once you start to decrease the amount of sugar in your everyday eating, you will soon discover that milk chocolate becomes too sweet and your taste buds will take a liking to the rich cocoa flavour.

Once a milk chocolate and sweet lover myself, as I weaned myself off sugar, the darker my preference of chocolate became. I now eat 85% dark chocolate but not just any brand, I steer celar of anything that has more than 14 grams of sugar per 100 grams. A good brand is ‘Green and Blacks 85%’ but my favourite is ‘Vivani 85%’ it is much creamier and just divine.

So how do you have your chocolate and maintain healthy eating? Well, you already know to choose 85% chocolate, now the moderation comes in. 10 grams of this chocolate has only 1.4 grams of sugar (compared to 5.2 grams found in milk chocolate). Try to stick to 10-20 grams per serving. Remember the serving of chocolate contributes to your total days intake of sugar. The body is designed to handle 30 grams for women and 45 grams for men, of sugar per day. This amount includes the sugar found in fruit. If you are having 3 servings of fruit a day, then other food consumed containing sugar will soon max out your sugar consumption.

I find having 10-20 grams of Vivani chocolate a few times per week is enough for me. On the days that I do have chocolate, I make sure that the rest of my days sugar consumption is low so that I don’t exceed the 30 grams.

See, you can be healthy and still have your chocolate too 🙂

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