“Food” : What “Organic Food” was called 150 years ago

483038_10151255340820784_684984189_nMany years ago pesticides were not present and food was all “organic” by todays standards.  In fact, “eating organic” wasn’t even an option until the 20th century, as all food was organic!

Organic produce may seem unnecessary and expensive to have consume but it is very important when considering your health. Consuming food that is treated with to pesticides poses many health risks, including increased risk of cancer, birth defects, infertility, miscarriages and a weakened immune system.

One of the reasons that our fruit and vegetables are sprayed with chemicals is so that they keep for longer. This allows for transportation to the supermarket and then ‘freshness’ in you home for a few days. The problem I see with this is the longer a fruit or vegetable goes after picking without being eaten, the less nutritious it is. Organic food does not have as long of a shelf life but supplies you with many more nutrients!

My advice: Try your best to eat organic as much as possible, especially fruit and vegetables that are eaten entirely, meaning the skin and flesh. For example broccoli, tomatoes, beans, apples, peaches, berries etc. I strongly recommend eating organic animal produce as commercial ones can be detrimental to your health due to the antibiotics and hormones that are used.

Your health and the health of your family is what’s most important. Perhaps making some changes on what you spend money on, things that are not so important may help you to eat organic as much as you can!

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