My First Mother’s Day

This last week has been very special to me as it was my very first Mother’s Day. My son Jasper is almost eleven and a half months old and my life has not been the same since he became apart of my world. Mother’s Day for me ended up stretching out over half of the week. My husband was working on Sunday, (he chooses to work weekends so that we can have time off together mid-week, we find that it is a lot quieter at these times because everyone is at work) he came home with a bunch of flowers and a card with beautifully written words. He had plans to celebrate Mothers Day on Tuesday where he took me to Queen Elizabeth Park. We had lunch at the restaurant there ‘Seasons in the Park’. We enjoyed some local caught seafood whilst enjoying the magnificent views of Vancouver city.

My son Jasper at 11.5 months

Then we explored the gardens and managed to get some great shots of Jasper. He took his first steps two weeks ago and is walking more and more each day. It’s amazing to see him standing now, I get to see his little face more now that he is not having to look at the ground like he dose when he is crawling. On Thursday night Jesse arrived home from work carrying a big box, it was Mothers Day present. I opened it up and was excited to see that it was a new electric food processor. It may surprise a lot of you, given all the cooking and baking I do, I have never owned a food processor. I would mix, slice, dice, blend and whatever else I do with food, all my hand. This is going to save me a lot of time (which is what I need now that I have a baby) when I am creating new recipes for you all!

I can certainly say that I was very spoilt by my beloved boys this week. What I realised about Mothers Day is not only is it a day to show my Mum how much I appreciate her, but now that I am a Mum myself I see this day as one to give thanks to whatever it is that made it possible for me to become a Mother. I never would have imagined how much my life changed since the arrival of Jasper, there is nothing I love more than being a Mother and I can not wait for life’s journey with him and my wonderful husband, as well as some other tiny humans that we hope to be blessed with in the future! 🙂 <3

My husband and my son Mothers Day 2014

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