There is no particular diet that we should abide by. We must remember that we are all different and our bodies respond to food differently from one another.'What You Eat is Up to You'

Some can tolerate grains (properly prepared grains) whilst others cannot. Some will respond great to dairy and others have harmful side effects, and the same goes for gluten. I do not advocate a certain type of diet for each person, however, I do believe that it is vitally important that we avoid seed oils, sugar and unfermented soy, and we incorporate high amounts of fat, plenty of that being saturated fat. Whether it be from coconut products or grass-fed organically raised animals, or ideally, both. Throw in some fermented foods and beverages and seasonal fruit and vegetables and you have yourself, what I consider to be, a healthy diet.

I do eat properly prepared grains and legumes, but it does not make up a large proportion of my diet, someday I won’t have any. I focus on foods that are going to give me the most nutrients because this is what my body will benefit from the most. I choose nutrient dense foods from organic and ethically raised, grass-fed animals such as butter, cheese, milk, cream and yoghurt (all preferably raw), meat (both muscle and organ meat), bone broth and eggs. I also eat a lot of coconut products. I use the oil for frying and baking as it can withstand high temperatures, incorporate shredded coconut into baking, eat it by the handful or on top of yoghurt and I use coconut cream in casseroles and baked goods. I also consume fats that are lower in saturated fatty acids like those found in plant foods such as nuts and seeds and olive oil. I eat fatty fish and I take cod liver oil daily.

As you can see, I eat a wide variety of foods, from both animals and plants. I make sure that I eat fruits and vegetables that are in season, as these foods provide the most amount of nutrients, and eating this way supports your local farmers, something that is important to me.

I love giving people advice on what to eat and what not to eat, but I always keep in mind that we are all built differently and have different beliefs on what foods should exists in the diet. There is no wrong or right answer, you just have to find the diet that works for you!

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