jasperA lot of you will know, I had my first baby just over five months ago. Being a new Mum has already taught me so much. It is now that I feel that I know my true self.

Things in my life now go onto a list of most important to least important, with my sweet Jasper and my husband, being at the very top of the list. As the parents out there will know, your life really does change when a baby arrives, however, that’s not to say you can’t do the things you want, they just take a little more effort, and usually a lot longer before they are complete.

I had just put Jasper down for his second nap of the day before sitting down to write this, but today, he didn’t want to go to sleep. I lead a busy life and I sometimes find myself stressing about getting all the tasks I set out for myself done, but it was just ten minutes ago that I realised something. I picked up Jasper to settle him and after a few seconds he stopped crying. I held him close to my chest, my lips at his cheek as I hummed into his ear. His tense little body began to relax and his tiny eyes closed. I was being a Mum and was giving my baby what he needed, he felt my comfort and was free to fall asleep. Of course my busy mind was saying, ‘okay baby is sleeping now, go and do some work’ But today I chose to ignore it and enjoy the moment with my boy. I stood there, breathing in that ever so luscious smell of a newborn, and thought, ‘this is what is important to me right now and nothing else matters’.

I wanted to share this moment with you all because no matter what is going on in your life, nothing is more important than what you’re passionate about, and what you’re passionate about right in that moment, right ‘now’. You may have  a few things in your life that are important to you, but it doesn’t mean you have to attend to them all at the same time. My passions are my writing, my book along with these blogs, reading and learning all things health and nutrition so that I can educate others, my yoga, travel and most of all my family.

As a Mum I have learned to live in the ‘now’, and to not think about anything else but what I am doing at that time. Yes things may take a bit longer to get done, but Living like this allows you live stress free which means you can enjoy the important things in your life. Time will always be there, and being happy is what’s most important, don’t you think?

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