Client Reviews

“Thank you so much for everything you sent through it all looks great and definitely cleared a few things up for me. I really like the look of the meal plan as well and I’ll definitely be giving this a go. :)” -Stacey

“You are so inspiring with all of your health and nutrition tips and advice and am so grateful of your knowledge on food. Have been able to have so much more variety in my diet with been able to tolerate more dairy! I’m rapt! Have been buying meat from the butcher across the road from work and wow, what beautiful meat, it feels great to know you are giving your insides good quality health! You are very good at what you do!” -Jenelle

“I love that your plan is normal food that I would eat anyway and includes dairy and wheat.  Previously I’ve stuck to 1200 calories while exercising but struggle to much and feel lethargic so end up stopping.  Can’t wait to start” -Ann

“Thank you so much for the plan it’s helping me gauge what foods to eat. I was so uneducated especially with bread, oils and diary. My partner is also loving it as I am cooking more variety.” -Sara

I just wanted to touch base and tell you how much I am loving the menu you have provided me with!

I had a bake day Sunday and my kids were loving the food as well. I even made my very first ever organic spelt bred which they love too!!

Im certainly trying to make it a complete lifestyle change and the way you have detailed the importance of traditional foods and explain why you prefer raw milk and grass fed animal produce, makes me even more committed. Plus its delicious!

Will keep you posted and will highly recommend you.

Kind Regards -Sarah

Thanks so much for the plan! I just want to say how I love that you have really thoroughly explained everything and made clear that it is a “lifestyle change” in easy to understand terms. Your philosophy and guidelines take the fear out of choosing what to eat and what to shop for. I’m actually more excited about cooking now! I am very excited to see that I am on the right track and can easily implement the changes you’ve outlined. The information and plan will be really helpful for not only me but my husband as well!


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