Both glucose and fructose are a part of sugar. Food immediately supplies the cells of the body with energy in the form of glucose. Fructose on the other hand does not provide energy straight away, it must first be converted and this is done by the liver. Glucose provides the body with more than enough energy to perform bodily functions making fructose unnecessary in the diet.

The problem with fructose is that the liver converts it into fat. Back in the cave people days this process was very convenient. Although not a lot of fructose was eaten, when it was found, say in the form of berries for example, they would eat as many as they could find. This meant that the body could convert the fructose into fat allowing for stored energy for the intensity of hunting tasks.CHOOSE THE RIGHT SWEETNESS....THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT SUGAR

It’s no wonder we struggle with weight problems when fructose is found in almost every packaged product, as well as most baked goods- just another reason to eat real food. But weight gain is not the only issue- fructose also hinders the body in many other ways.

– It weakens the immune system making you more susceptible to catching a cold or getting a virus

– It can block the absorption of other nutrients and minerals from the food you eat

– It speeds the ageing process by depleting the skins collagen and elastin

– It has been linked with cancer

– There is a link with sugar consumption and dementia

– It can affect the proper functioning of the bodies hormones

– Because the liver converts fructose into fat (triglyicerides) it can contribute to high cholesterol, an increased risk of heart disease as well as diabetes

They say everything in moderation is key and if you can do this with sugar then good on you. As I mentioned earlier (remember the cave people), we have an instinct to eat as much sugar as we can, whenever we come across it, so that we are supplied with fat to use as energy. Due to this it can be quite difficult to eat just a small amount of the sweet stuff which can lead to binging and further health problems both mentally and physically.

The truth about sugar, fructose in particular, is that it does not provide any more benefits than nutrient rich ‘real’ food does. Furthermore, it leads to numerous health concerns and we simply just do not need in our diet. My book ‘Simply Nourished’ provides a simple guide on how to adopt a traditional real food diet. You can get it in both print and as an ebook. (Get the print copy here).

You will notice that in my dessert recipes I recommend using organic brown rice syrup as the sweetener. Brown rice syrup has no fructose present so it does not pose the health risks that other fructose containing sweeteners do.

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