Coconut Bliss Balls

I have created a few of these type of recipes because they are so easy to prepare. These are just slightly sweetened (about 1 gram of sugar per ball) and make the perfect snack. By adding a little extra sweetener they can also be a dessert. On the flip side, omit the sweetener all together if you prefer, the coconut naturally adds sweetness so these are lovely on their own. Others like this are my Tahini balls, Chocolate Coconut Balls and the decadent Chocolate Hazelnut Truffles.

Chocolate Coconutty Health Balls


1/2 cup organic blanched almond flour

2 tbsp organic coconut flour

2 tbsp organic ground chia seeds

2 tbsp organic pumpkin seeds (or any seeds of choice), try to use activated seeds. You can do this yourself, see here for instructions

1 cup organic desiccated coconut, plus  a little extra for rolling the balls in

2 tbsp organic raw cacao

1/2 cup organic virgin/extra virgin cold pressed coconut oil, melted

1/4 tsp pink himalayan salt

1-2 tbsp of an organic sweetener of choice. Better choices are raw honey, B grade maple syrup, coconut nectar or brown rice syrup for a fructose free version. I like to give a range for the amount of sweetener, this way you can adjust to your personal liking. Alternatively you can omit the sweetener all together if you are not a sweet tooth or want to cut down on sugar.


1) In a medium size bowl mix all of the ingredients together until well combined

2) Roll the mixture into 14-16 balls, about one tablespoon in size. Roll each one in the coconut. Place into an airtight container and into the fridge to set and to be stored


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