Chia Berry Muffins

These Chia Berry Muffins were a real hit amongst both the adults and the wee ones. The batch was devoured in just one day that I had to come up with my Super Cookies the next day. I love having healthy ‘on the go’ snacks for Jasper and these are perfect. I will often leave the sweetener out if I am using them as a snack but will make them a little bit sweeter when entertaining guests. Feel free to replace the blueberries for what ever fruit is in season.
Chia Berry Muffins

Ingredients, makes 12 muffins

1/2 cup organic coconut flour
1/2 cup organic almond flour
1/4 cup organic ground chia seeds
4 organic eggs from pastured hens, whisked
1 organic vanilla bean or 1 tsp paste
1/4 tsp unrefined salt, I use pink himalayan
1/2 tsp organic baking soda
3/4 cup organic milk or choice
2 tbsp organic extra virgin coconut oil
2 tbsp organic grass fed butter (alternatively use 4 tbsp of either fat)
2 tbsp organic brown rice syrup, B grade maple syrup or raw honey (leave the sweetener out for an even healthier muffin)
1 cup organic blueberries, or whatever fruit is in season
1) Preheat the oven to 176 (350F) and either grease or line a muffin tin
2) Put all of the dry ingredients into a mixing bowl
3) On the stove top, melt the butter, oil and sweetener. Add this along with the whisked eggs to the dry ingredients and mix until well combined
4) Divide evenly between the 12 muffin pans and bake for 30 minutes

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