Nutritional Content, per serve makes 1 serving BACON AND EGGS

Calories- 400 Carbohydrates- 30g Fats-18g Protein-18g


1 egg

2 rations of bacon (about 50g), make sure the bacon is from pastured animal

1 tomato

Slice of sourdough rye/spelt/wholemeal toast (about 60g)

1/2 tbs grass-fed butter


1) Pretty simple really, fry the bacon until it’s cooked how you like it  and then crack the egg into the same pan. Cut the tomato in half and cook in the same pan also

2) Meanwhile, toast the bread and then spread with butter, sprinkle with unrefined sea salt or pink himalayan salt

You may be surprised to see bacon as a healthy breakfast recipe as we are told to avoid saturated animal fats. However, this is not true and these fatty acids are vital for health and provide numerous benefits. Take a look at my blogs ‘Super Food- Saturated Fatty Acids’ and ‘The Benefits of Consuming Full Fat Animal Products’ for a detailed explanation.


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