The last few weeks has seen me take a bit of a break from work to give my mind a much needed rest. In May I finally published my book (in digital format) ‘Simply Nourished- A Simple Guide to Traditional Eating’. The journey in writing this book was a bit of a roller coaster. I fell pregnant a few months after writing it and to make sure I enjoyed every part of my pregnancy, and of Jasper’s early newborn days, the book moved down on my priority list. But through the changing hormones, growing belly and sleepless nights, I finally did it. I am proud to now call myself an author and throughout this journey I have grown a huge love for writing and am excited to get on with the next book!  Jasper and I

I have had many request that ‘Simply Nourished’ also be available in print. I am thrilled to know that many of you want to read it and have it as a copy to keep. It will take a bit of editing to change into a print version and I will let you know as soon as it is ready for sale.


On another exciting note….Nina Planck has written a praise for my book. Nina is well renowned in the ‘traditional foodie’ world, she started the very first farmers market in England. She has an abundance of knowledge in the areas of farming and teaching people what ‘real food’ is. Reading Nina’s book ‘Real Food, What to Eat and Why’ allowed me to discover my passion for health, traditional food and farming. As you can imagine I am overjoyed with Nina’s kind words about my book. Here is what she had to say Nina-Planck

“The industrial food juggernaut marches on mercilessly, bringing with it disease and distress, and, at the same time, perniciously robbing us of the pleasures of the community table. Happily, there is an alternative; it’s called real food. Learn what to eat and why in this very practical book.”







Lastly, I would like to share with you some more news. I am now a contributing writer for ‘The Goodness Magazine‘ A new digital magazine including wholesome, delicious foods, ideas for your home, insights for your family and all things health.


The Godness Magazine

I am happy to be back to my writing and creating new recipes, although this didn’t stop, my recipe book just filled up so I have many new ones and look forward to sharing them with you.


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