Nuts contain a substance known as phytic acid which can inhibit mineral absorption. For more information on the effect phytic acid has on the body see my blog here. To allow nuts to provide beneficial nutrients they need to be properly prepared (also know as activated), which I have done in this recipe. Not only will the nutrients be available, the flavour is also enhanced and they are given a great crunch! This recipe calls for cinnamon and dried goji berries giving the nuts a slight sweetness. Enjoy these on their own, on top of salads or on with organic grass-fed yoghurt or even some full fat raw cream.  Activated Cinnamon Spiced Nuts


4 cups organic raw nuts. I like to use a mix of almonds, pecans and walnuts but you ca use whatever you prefer

1 cup organic dried goji berries. You can use any type of dried fruit, apricots and mulberries are also nice

1 tbsp organic dried cinnamon

1 1 tsp organic vanilla powder

1 tbsp himalayan salt


1) Put all of the nuts into a large bowl, fill it with water, add the salt and soak over night (for at least 12 hours but up to 24 hours). Cover with a dish cloth

2) Put the goji berries into a small bowl with 1 cup of water, soak for at least one hour or over night as well

3) After soaking the nuts, rinse and drain them well

4) Blend the goji berries, soaking water, cinnamon and vanilla powder until it forms a runny paste

5) Add the paste to the nuts and mix well. I often add extra 1/4 cup of goji berries and/or coconut chips at this point.

6) On a baking lined baking tray (you may need two), evenly spread the nuts out, put in the oven and dehydrate at a very low temperature 48-60°C (120-140F). It will take 1.5 to 2 days for the nuts to dehydrate. Make sure you wait until they are completely dry, they should be crunchy. If you have a dehydrator, this is ideal, dehydrate at 48°C.



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