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The Noble Nutritionist Amanda Harvey

The Noble Nutritionist Amanda Harvey

Born in the south-east suburbs of Melbourne, Australia Nutritionist and Master Fitness Trainer, Amanda Jayne Harvey is passionate about living a life that she loves!

Growing up as a dedicated equestrian rider and becoming a qualified veterinary nurse and equine sports therapist, Amanda spent most of her days being active outdoors with her horses. When she took a break to travel the world she discovered along the way a new love for health, and a burning passion for nutrition.

Amanda is lucky enough to be married to the man of her dreams. They share the same love for travelling, hiking and yoga and welcomed the arrival of their first baby June of 2013. Her family is her number one priority and she makes sure she spends as much time as possible with her two favourite boys.

Amanda keeps up to date with changes in nutritional science, and enjoys researching the best, and the tastiest ways to fuel the body, creating delicious, healthy recipes that she shares with all. She is the author of ‘Simply Nourished- A Simple Guide to Traditional Eating’. See here for more information on her ebook. Or buy it here for just $9.99

Amanda promotes traditional eating, consuming real food, ones like our ancestors ate. She advisors avoiding sugar, seed oils and low-fat products and is an advocate for eating saturated fat found in coconut oil and animals produce. She believes that a diet rich in meat from grass-fed animals, raw dairy and eggs from pastured hens along with seasonal fruit and vegetables and fermented foods and beverages, provide the body with all that it needs to thrive.

Amanda would love nothing more than to share her knowledge with as many people as possible to help them become a healthier person. She does this through her blogs, facebook posts and of course her book. 

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