What I Get Up To On A Typical Day

I am quite often asked what my day consists of so I thought that I would share with you what a typical day in my life looks like.

1. The Sun Comes Up And So Do We

My alarm clock has become my 20 month old son Jasper. He rises anytime between 6 and 7.30. This depends on whether or not he has woken for a feed during the night. If he does he will sleep a little later, if he gets a solid sleep he is ready to begin his day early. I bring him into our bed with us to nurse for half an hour or so, he loves a long morning feed and sometimes he may even fall back to sleep for an hour or so which is really sweet, these moments are so precious and I love it when the three of us get to cuddle in bed together. Once I am up I throw on my yoga gear and we make our way downstairs. Firstly I get Jasper cleaned up. I give him a warm hose down in the tub and rub some coconut oil on him before putting a clean nappy on. Although we have just begun toilet training so I have been leaving him bare bum during these warmer days, he sits on the potty when he feels he needs and is doing really well.

2. Move My Body
Then it’s time to roll out my mat. I set Jasper up beside me with a puzzle, book or some drawing and begin my practice. He quite often joins in- he has mastered his down-dog and up-dog already, and often jumps on my back making me work extra hard. It is just the cutest thing to watch. I am keeping my fingers crossed that he continues to take an interest in yoga, it has changed my life. It gives me the headspace to take on whatever life throws at me each day. I practice anywhere from 20-60 minutes. Every second day, after my yoga practice, I go outside and do some kettle bell work and interval running for 15-20 minutes. Jasper comes out with me and plays in the garden. We then head back inside and finish off on the mat again with some deeper poses. This can take anywhere from 45 minutes to a couple of hours with some playful interruptions. I take a yoga class 2-5 times a week, I like Vinyasa power flow the best but am open to try anything new. Yoga is my ‘me time’, it’s my passion, it helps me to think straight and feel alive, it makes my world so much better 🙂 On these days my Mum looks after Jasper for me. If my husband doesn’t have a shift at work we will go to class together. We began practicing together just over three years ago now, it’s really nice to both share a love for yoga, it’s something that we will continue to do together for the rest of our lives.

3. Ready To Re-fuel
Once I have brought some movement into my body I make us both a green juice and cook Jasper his breakfast. I don’t usually eat until around noon. My diet is high in fat and I feel that this sustains me for long periods of time. Jasper goes down for a nap at this time too which means I can eat with no interruptions, I find that I can consciously focus on my meal and enjoy my food more. I call this my brunch and it is quite substantial as I haven’t eaten a meal for about 16 hours. It usually consists of leftovers from the previous nights dinner with some extra vegetables thrown in. If I don’t have any leftovers I will bake some sweet potatoes or pumpkin and have them with stir fried seasonal vegetables and eggs fried in coconut oil.

4. Time For Some Work
When Jasper is sleeping this is also when I get my work done, as well as some tasks around the house and garden. Once or twice a week I leave Jasper with my Mum to do some extra writing, that way I get a solid 2-3 hours of uninterrupted work. There are times where I will write when Jasper is up and these are the times that he entertains himself which I think is very important.

5. Time For Some Play
Jasper wakes up at around 1.30-2 o’clock and has some lunch. We then go outside to play, water the garden and collect some veggies. Often we will go for a walk or meet up with friends. If it’s not already prepared (I do the majority of my cooking in bulk and freeze it for the week ahead) we spend some time in the kitchen cooking dinner, baking snacks and sometimes dessert. I will often have something more to eat at around 4 o’clock but if I have had a big lunch I can last until dinner time. At around 6 o’clock it’s Jasper’s dinner and bath time. I then take him up to his room and we read some books for twenty minutes or so before putting him to bed between 7 and 7.30.

6. Time To Relax
Once Jasper is in bed I take a shower and then my husband Jesse and I have our dinner (or I eat alone if he is working late). I like to eat meals this way, Jasper is still a bit too young to sit and eat with us without getting distracted. I feel that I can appreciate my food more this way. So for now we wait until he is in bed before we eat dinner. By around 8.30-9 o’clock I begin to wind down by reading a book. Sometimes I will catch up on some work or read some articles online but I try not to be on the screen at a night time. We are not big fans of tv (we don’t actually own one) and I find it hard to find something that i’d rather watch than read my book. However, we do have a few favourite tv shows that we collect and watch a couple of times a week. We also dig a good documentary, usually one about food, the human body or the environment. I am in bed  by 10-10.30 and hope to not get woken during the night. Jasper still often wakes once a night which I can handle but sometimes he wakes twice and I really feel it the next day, this is when yoga becomes my savour. I feel so enlivened after I practice, it gives me energy to get me thorough the day.

What I Get Up To

Jesse and I have a weekly ritual of date lunch. We go out whilst Jasper is sleeping, that way we don’t miss him too much, Jesse in particular as he goes off to work most days, he really misses the little guy. Once again my wonderful Mum is happily on the watch. I am pretty fussy when it comes to eating out and only go to places that serve ethically raised, and as much as possible, organic food. We are lucky enough to have three cafes close by (that I have found so far)- Burnham Bakery & Piggery Cafe in Sherbrooke and Earthly Pleasures and Evolve, both in Belgrave, Victoria. These are each wonderful in their own way and the staff are delightful. We also catch a movie a couple of times a month. If there is someone whom we are fans of playing in concert we will go and see them- these are memories that will last a life time. We make sure that we have some alone time together, I think that this is important for a marriage and we make an effort to work it into our schedule.

Jesse’s work roster changes frequently but when he is home he is always with Jasper. I feel for those parents who go off to work, they must really miss their wee ones. I often join my guys but at times I will mosey on off and enjoy some time in the kitchen. This is my favourite place of the house, cooking is truly a passion of mine, I just love to cook for my loved ones, knowing that I am nourishing them with every mouthful.

I love my life, I know that I have the ability to create whatever it is that I want for myself and for the world that I want to live in, I make that choice everyday.

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  1. Pru says:

    I love your life tooo, your passion for your favourite room in the house inspires me. I want to be in your kitchen too as long as your cooking.

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